Roman blinds offer a unique feel of being very dressy and smart.
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Roman blinds offer a unique feel of being very dressy and smart.

Roman blinds can be made of many types of fabrics and they do work well with patterns, which can give a bold or discrete look to the blind.

Roman blinds can be cord operated or chain operated with auto-stop facility which makes them very easy to use.

Roman blinds look elegant and when they are in the raised position, having the top “width” shows the fabric off nicely.

If used above doors/entry or exit, you just need to make allowances for the “drop” when they are in the UP position.

Roman blinds have a lining increased the thermal properties – which is perfect for summer or winter.
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Roman blinds generally have a headboard which can be made in various widths to allow for handles and brackets etc.

Roman blinds made by VIEWSCAPE can be made in large sizes and with their unique chain operated auto-stop means they are a cinch to use.

Pelmets are an option for Roman blinds and our consultants are able to share the benefits of using a pelmet with matching fabric or a paint colour.

Pelmets can add a very formal look to any room and they also cut down on letting light into the room, which is great in a bedroom if you like a dark room in the early hours of the morning.

Our Roman blinds are all balanced and pattern matched so that when they are side by side, they are in line and the fabric matches which is important for floral fabrics especially.

Roman blinds can be installed as a “face fit” or a “reveal fit” which means that they can be fitted in a manner that always looks neat and “minimal.”

If we use a pelmet, the roman blind will be fitted within the pelmet itself and there are times that we use a “deep” pelmet so that the blind withdraws right up into the pelmet itself.

The look of the Roman blind is quite traditional as well as modern but will usually last a long time without going out of date.

We also offer a fabric protection product with ensure the fabric stays clean and helps with stain or dirt removal. Please ask our consultant as to this process. We can treat the fabric before the blinds are made or we can do this on-site.

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