Roller blinds are one of the best types of window coverings
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Roller blinds are one of the best types of window coverings

in that they have the least moving parts and generally, we can offer a LIFETIME warranty on the components.
Our blinds are from the reputable VIEWSCAPE company in Melbourne and their products are top notch and their service and warranties are the best in the business.
Componentry for the Roller Blinds is again, top quality and with the offering of plastic chains. metal chains and stainless-steel chains, all go to make a blind that is a custom fit for your home or office or work place.
There are many types of fabrics from light filtering, translucent and blockout and from plain smooth fabrics to textured and patterned.
Many of the “hard use” blinds have our easy clean fabric with the lifetime warranty.
Fabric colours are very wide with many different shades. The fabric types and colours come in an almost endless array and many fabrics are coloured the same both sides or a neutral colour for the window side. This is often a requirement for Strata buildings.
Our consultant is well versed in colour selection for any room, so you can relax knowing that you’ve made a wise choice.
Motorisation is now quite commonplace for Roller blinds, and they can be battery powered or hard-wired. Batteries can be in a separate casing or concealed within the tube of the blind itself.
Roller blind tubes come in various diameters which means they can cover a wide distance of 3m or more without fear of any bending of the tube.

Day-Night Range

Day-Night roller blinds are very popular especially where you need privacy and high-rise apartments often require the practicality of this dual-blind system.
The use of the day-night configuration adds tremendously to the thermal/cooling effect of the room – so both summer and winter is when you get the full benefit from the day-night roller blinds.
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Back roll or Front roll for roller blinds offer different looks and darkness appeal. We are able to talk you through the options and how the blind will look once it is installed.
Blinds can be linked and share a common chain, or they can be in “sets” or individually operated.
Child safety is important, and we ensure that all blinds are fitted as per the lawful requirements.
Roller blinds can be “reveal” fit or “face fit” and again, there are variables as to what might be the most appropriate for your house etc.
We have qualified and dedicated fitters to ensure that your blinds are attached securely and look as they should be.
Where possible, we can sometimes repair existing Roller blinds on-site or back in the workshop. Roller blinds have the ability to roll up and become “almost invisible” – which is something that other blind types aren’t able to do.
Roller blinds with the “mesh” fabric offer a very cooling feel to a room on a hot day. The darker colours of the mesh make it easy to see out and not block the view from the inside the room.

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