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Plantation Shutters Bowral

As a window covering offering aesthetic appeal and privacy, plantation shutters are very popular amongst people. Plantation shutters are widely used in Bowral. These shutters look great from both the inside of your home as well as from the outside.


 Our firm, Carpets Curtains Blinds , offers plantation shutters in Bowral that are suited for every window and are good value for money – thus a great investment. These have been used for quite some time. The plantation shutters we produce come in different blade or slat sizes. This is to suit the individual requirement of every customer. They are also available in different shapes – from a semicircle or a full circle to other odd shapes too, apart from the standard rectangular shape with a higher vertical length.


 We also offer plantation shutters for Bowral in different materials. Cedar, aluminium and PVC are some of the common materials used. If you need plantation shutters for the outside surface of your window or if your construction is relatively new, aluminium shutters will look great. These plantation shutters are also available in different colours and finishes. Timber colours with natural wood grain finishes make your windows stand out and look more sophisticated.


 The plantation shutters we make for Bowral have components and hinges of high quality and are quite durable. Once fitted on a window, you need not bother much for their maintenance. Their blades are also replaceable; hence you need not worry if they get damaged. We also offer a warranty for their structural integrity and their paint. Certainly, once you buy it from us, we will have a long journey.


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