Outdoor Awnings

OUTDOOR AWNINGS come in a variety of styles and the pros and cons of awnings vary.

OUTDOOR AWNINGS come in a variety of styles and the pros and cons of awnings vary.

Awnings are able to be manual or rope or auto operation and depending on where the awning is to be installed, will demand as to what type of operation is needed. Often awnings are fitted high up and automated awnings is the only way to go with these. There are variables as regards as the fabric or cloth on awnings which are especially made for outdoor use. There is also the possibility to use MESH as a covering which allows the light to pass through the blind but still stops most of the direct heat. Mesh coverings also afford privacy from being able to look inside the house from the outside or footpath etc.


The basic range is the rope & pully which is still popular4 today for a basic but very practical awning. These can be canvas or mesh and are great for limiting the sun going through the window or even stopping the rain.


These are popular with Café areas or when your wanting protection from the wind but you can still see through the fabric almost with un-interrupted views.


These are great for closing off windows from sun and can be very effective for security when you are away from the home for short periods. Auto awnings are hand operated and stop at any point and are easily raised up again. For taller settings, a control handle is used to raise and lower the awnings.


These are for vertical applications and there is a wire-guide running down both sides to guide the blind and this is good for windy conditions in that it keeps the blind in its place. Except for gusty or stormy conditions and all blinds need to be retracted with such strong or gale force winds.

Other types of outdoor blinds are…..
These are very popular to create shade and also a waterproof area. These awnings can be fitted with motion sensors which retracts the awning when it gets windy.

This allows you to be able to leave the home and if it gets windy whilst your away, the blind will self-retract when the motion sensor is alerted to a strong wind.

Folding arm awnings can be fitted with PITCH control and have its own CASSETTE (or hood).

Folding arm awnings can be gearbox operated or hard-wired and operated with a remote control. There is a vast range of colours of canvas for these awnings and they look very smart when used with a cassette.

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