Flyscreen & Security Doors

Flyscreens and Security doors are the finishing touch to any house.

Flyscreens and Security doors are the finishing touch to any house.

There are a variety of types and styles of flyscreens as well as the type of mesh used in flyscreens.

There are various sizes of holes plus the mesh can be aluminium or fibreglass or mesh or steel.

The surrounds of the flyscreens are able to be made in many different colours and can be powder coated if needed.

There are many things to check when fitting flyscreens because handles or latches or the clearance need to be considered when measuring up.

We often flaps for pets to enter/exit into flyscreens as well.

Security doors are very robust and we use the PROWLER PROOF security door which has its own 3-way locking system plus super strong welded corners.

We custom make all our flyscreens and doors to suit the home.

AGAIN, colours are pretty much endless and we can also do a woodgrain look.

Left hinge or Right hinge is common plus the slide security door – again with a 3way locking system.

There is a metal mesh which is super strong and easy to look through and the door looks very neat and dressy without being “fussy”.

The older style DIAGONAL aluminium mesh is still used and we can often match to older homes with already has this type of door or flyscreen fitted.

We also do repairs on existing flyscreens and security doors and often we can re-use the frames and just replace the existing mesh on-site.

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