Curtain InstallationĀ 

Choose from our huge range of fabrics or allow us to custom make a new and unique design just for your home or office.

Curtains For Every Space

No project too big or small for our experienced team.

At Carpets Curtains Blinds we ensure thatĀ  our wide range of curtains and industry leading customer service is available to all customers, no matter the budget. With a huge range of fabric, material and tracks; we guarantee a durable and stylish solution that will leave your home or office fit for the decades!

When considering what curtains will fit your space; it’s important to take into consideration colour, pattern and texture and how these compliment your existing decor and furniture.

We offer curtains that are custom-made exactly to your style and preferance acknowledging the fact that each customer has different wants and needs which are reflected in our wide variety.

Our staff at Carpets Curtains Blinds have the skills and experience to ensure that every detail is covered off ensuring your complete satisfaction, down to the minor details such as curtain lining that helps regulate the temperature within your home or office.

Another feature that we offer as part of our curtain installation services are automated curtains. Automation is a fantastic option for windows that are high off the ground and you prefer not to have cords or chains hanging, ruining the aesthetic.

Once we have confirmed your design and perference, all is taken care of by our experienced Carpets Curtains Blinds staff ensuring that the delivery and installation of your curtains goes off without a hitch!


About this Process

  1. Get in touch with one of the friendly Carpets Curtains Blinds staff
  2. One of our professionals come and help find and design the best curtains for your space.
  3. Measure up the area required and provide you a quote.
  4. Organise a time to deliver and install your new curtains.

It’s as easy as that!

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