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Like most other places, the people of Marulan use blinds too in their homes as part of their furnishings and decor. Blinds are used for decorative purposes as well as practical purposes. The latter involves limiting the amount of light coming in from outside and keeping it filtered and dim. It also involves ensuring privacy within the room. In addition, Marulan folks also use blinds to add to the aesthetic value of their indoor spaces. Blinds could be indoor as well as outdoor blinds, depending on where they are used and what surface of the window they cover.


 Our name is a well-known, reputed one, whom people look at with respect and trust. We are Carpets Curtains Blinds, and we serve the people of Marulan as well with our furnishings, blinds being a part of it. We have been doing so for the last 30+ years.

 We stock and sell the standard types of blinds – roller blinds, Roman, Venetian and vertical blinds. Also, our blinds function manually, or they could also be motorised. Roller blinds have a simple mechanism – they can be rolled into a spindle of cloth in either an upward or downward direction. The look of these types of blinds is similar to that of a window screen or a window curtain that can be curled up or stretched down.


 Roman blinds are chain- or cord-operated blinds made in various textures and of different fabrics. They add a lot of elegance to the room, more so as they usually are supported by the headboard, which allows for the use of brackets and handles.


 Venetian Blinds in Marulan are the classic type of blinds with slats or blades, more often used in offices. They are a very popular choice and create a soft lighting experience within the room.


 Vertical blinds have slats or blades that are in a standing position. Call us today and let us know your choice of blinds in Marulan and let us know.


Spruce up your office space with custom-made curtains, top of the line carpets and eye-catching blinds for your premises.

Blinds and Shutters

Frame and style your windows with our diverse range of blinds and shutters for any space. 

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At Carpets Curtains Blinds; we’re old fashioned in our approach to customer service, ensuring that you receive a top quality product and industry leading customer service.


No home or office is alike; that’s why our range of carpets, curtains and blinds are the best in Sydney. 

All of our products come with a standard 12 month warranty with a 24 month warranty of fittings, mechanisms and fabrics.


Regardless of what you choose, our Sydney-based team will ensure that every step of the process is smooth and delightful. 


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Blinds and Shutters

Frame and style your windows with our diverse range of blinds and shutters for any space.


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